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Innolidix uses Lidar equipped drones combined with machine learning based algorithms to collect geological data. The Lidar will record information about the surface conditions, which allows us to construct an accurate 3-dimensional view, where every point has its respective coordinates. Using this information, our software platform provides our clients with accurate prediction-based mapping which can significantly optimize their efficiency and drastically reduce down-times for the successive value-chain.

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Digitize your site now to streamline your operations.

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Our highest standard Machine Learning algorithm will leave you speechless. Data collection and processing is instantly done. You can increase work efficiency by up to 30%, reduce down-times and cut down costs by sending our technology out to your site.

About us

Innolidix is a spin-off company from DTU – Technical University of Denmark. The team consists of 4 unique personalities. And with their own skills, knowledge, background and experience, the team has competencies to overcome every challenge ahead.

Diana Soots
Diana SootsCEO
Company strategy and business development
Seeyar Amiri
Seeyar AmiriCOO
Operation management, business development and marketing
Niklas Karlin
Niklas KarlinCTO
Product development and Machine Learning specialist
Jeppe Lynge
Jeppe LyngeCHO
Hardware development and management

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